Travel – New Year Resolutions

I absolutely love setting resolutions for the New Year! For the past few years, I have set achievable goals and it helps to keep me motivated so I thought I would share my travel related goals with you.

Some of my goals, you guys can help me with! I will let you know which ones so please don’t hesitate to comment below if you want to help my goals become reality.

Keep to a schedule for my blog

Unfortunately, since I moved to university in September, I have found it very difficult finding the time to write, especially with my coursework deadlines. However, I have gotten used to the work load and have a personal schedule that I stick to. SO! Now that is sorted, I can create a new schedule for my blog and stick to it to bring you all new content that I hope you enjoy.

How can you help for this one? Let me know down below what type of content you would like to see!

Attempt landscape photography while on my travels

As you may be able to see by my ‘Photos’ page, I take a lot of animal photos – you can also follow my photography Instagram ( I would love to broaden my range and experience by landscape photography, especially while I am in Banff, Canada (I will tell you all about this later!) as it seems a waste to not try.

Update ‘Charities’ page

Unfortunately I haven’t updated this page in a while, and I really want to do my part in helping these unique charities.

You can help me here! If you have any charities that you would like to have advertised on here, please recommend them in the comments and I would be happy to check them out and include them.

Get more people involved in my ‘Fellow Airborners’ page

As you can see, that page is a little empty and I want to change that. For that though, I do need your help as I need people who want to be shown on that page. It is free, although, social media awareness would be great! So comment or get in touch if you would like to help me here.

Read books about travel to get inspiration

I am an avid reader! I absolutely love my books, and what is better to read while travelling books about travellers?! I would like to get more into travel books, fiction or non-fiction as a means of inspiration.

Have you got any books to recommend me? Let me know!

Try a new food in a new country

This is a bit of a hard one for me as I don’t particularly like trying new food, and I am a picky lactose-intolerant vegetarian. However, the best way to change this is by trying new food, so why not do it in a new country?!

Visit a new continent!

I have been many places in Europe, but I have rarely left it! As said previously, I have a potential trip planned for Banff, Canada, so that would be perfect for this goal!

Explore my new uni city

The university I have moved to is about 2 and half hours away from home, and I have barely explored it! So it is my goal for next year to see the coastal lines and all little unique sites possible – and then write about them!

Plan my gap year!

Between my second and third year of university, I can take a placement year where I can travel and work to get experience before finishing my 3rd year. I plan on working with as many species of animals as I can and seeing a whole new world! However, I need to contact companies and make this work so that is my goal for next year.

Have you got any ideas as to where I can complete animal-based work experience abroad?

Please don’t forget to let me know if you can help me achieve any of my goals! I am so looking forward to 2020, the start of a new decade and new experiences.

Have you got any new year goals?

12 thoughts on “Travel – New Year Resolutions

  1. Sounds very exciting. I was thinking about reading travel-related books as well. Do you know any good ones besides the classics like Eat, Pray, Love?

    1. When I read travel books, I either read contemporary books (such as Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour) or autobiographies that deal with animals (David Attenborough, Saving the White Lion etc). Do those interest you?

  2. Those are awesome plans! I wrote my goals for 2019 and it’ crazy to know the year is already over! I need to go back to re-read my goals from 2019 and try to commit to them this year!

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