Top 10 Christmas Markets Across the Globe

Who doesn’t want to have a long weekend to a gorgeous country and visit culturally diverse and gorgeous Christmas markets? I definitely aspire to be able to afford that dream one day, but as a student, I definitely cannot. However, I have created a list of Christmas markets I would love to go to when I can afford it.

In 10th Place – Birmingham ‘Frankfurt’s’ Christmas Markets

Known as England’s Second City, Birmingham holds a Christmas market every year from the mid November to the 23rd December – yes, that long! This year, 2019, there are 180 stalls for people to explore and enjoy. Due to the size and mass of people that go, it spreads across Victoria Square, New Market and Cenetary Square.

9th – Fira de Santa Llúcia Markets in Barcelona, Spain

In 2019, this Christmas Market is celebrating its 233rd birthday. Originally held as a one day event on the 13th December, it has become to be spread out over 3 weeks. With a remarkable 282 stalls in the Gothic quarter, this place screams of culturally rich history.

8th Place – Tallinn Christmas Market in Estonia

The ‘must see’ of this Christmas market is the huge Christmas tree in the town square, which has been set up there since 1441. This market goes from mid-November into January! Although Estonia is beautiful, the locals go all out for Christmas and turn it into a breath taking sight.

7th Place – Basel, Switzerland

Basel has 3 Christmas markets – Old Town Barfüsserplatz, a new market in Münsterplatz, and a smaller market on the Rhine on Claraplatz. It is worth viewing all of these to see how culturally diverse they are! The Old Town market, consisting of 180 stalls, is known for being perfect for kids.

6th Place – Piazza Santa Croce Market in Florence, Italy

This is the biggest market in Florence! Starting in the 12th century and held in front of a gorgeous cathedral, this market is perfect for photographers. This is also known as a German market.

5th Place – Toronto Christmas Market, Canada

Toronto is the true hustle and bustle of a city with extravagant firework displays and festive lights. Although it is worth going simply for the Christmas markets here, there are so many other sights, such as the Nutcracker, and activities, like ice skating, that make you want to stay here longer.

4th Place – Winter Village at Bryant Park, New York

In Bryant Park, as soon as Halloween is over, it is time for Christmas. It is a modern market, only coming on to it’s 18th year running. It is characterised by the massive ice rink centred in the market. The annual tree lighting also occurs in the first week of December, so best not to miss that!

3rd Place – Vienna, Austria

This market occurs in ‘Vienna’s prettiest square’. This is the perfect market to go to in order to get into the Christmas spirit. It also screams religion with the astounding cathedral in front of the market. Quite possibly the oldest market, this stunning square has been hosting markets since 1298.

2nd Place – Strasbourg, France

France holds a special place in my heart, especially at Christmas time. It is practically impossible to put the beauty of France into words, and there is no particular place I recommend on visiting. Although not a Christmas market, visiting the Alpes during the winter season is worth everyone’s time. The stunning scenery and numerous fun, family activities available only enhance the need to go.

Christmas market wise, I would recommend Strasbourg markets near the German border. It has a majestic tree, the true French culture and is incredibly old.

And finally in 1st Place – Berlin, Germany

There are many markets in Berlin so I recommend going to all of them! There is a reason that German markets are copied throughout Europe, so why not go and see why? Germany itself during winter is a sight to behold, so make the most and see the beautiful trees, feel the Christmas atmosphere and become truly immersed.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Christmas Markets Across the Globe

  1. Loved seeing the diversity in locations of your list- I’ve been to the Bryant Park one & I just went to one in northern Germany but am hoping to see a few more while I live in Europe!

  2. I had no idea there was a Christmas market in NYC! Thank you for mentioning this in your fantastic list. I may just have to plan a little road trip this month 😀

  3. There are an awful lot of Christmas markets in the world! I’m glad they all look so pretty and offer delicious food.

  4. We have great ones in Prague as well, but from this list, I think I would like to see the one in Estonia

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