Best Blog of September ’19

When I started my blog, I really wanted to create a community where people can contribute and feel as if they have somewhere to ask questions or voice their concerns regarding travel. Due to this, I have started a feature that I will release at the end of every month and that is ‘Best Blog of the Month’.

These are not paid features and is made from my own observations – if you would like to be considered then please comment your blog below and I will happily have a look, but this does not guarantee you a post. You’re more then welcome to have a place on my ‘Fellow Airborners’ page so please contact me regarding that.

So, onto the post!

After browsing a multitude of travel blogs, The Literary Edit ( captured my interest.

The Literary Edit is about a travel blogger who reads, and as a fellow bookworm, I think that reading and travelling is such an amazing combination. All their blog posts relate to places in which have a bookish history and they provide tips on what to do in those areas and where to stay. It is such an original idea and each blog post is unique.

“I’m Lucy, an award-winning book blogger and writer with a passion for brilliant books, independent bookstores and literary festivals. The Literary Edit was named the London Book Fair’s inaugural Book Blog of the Year, and is a stylish online space for readers, writers and literary travellers. Here you’ll find weekly book reviews, beautiful bookstores from around the world, literary city guides and some personal insights into the life of an expat, all written lovingly from my beach-side bedroom.”

Lucy writes with an elegance. Her writing flows really well and you can imagine someone with a soft voice reading it to you. You also feel like you can jump into any blog post, you do not need to read them chronologically. She does reference past blog posts she has written, but they do not play a vital role in what she is talking about.

The layout of the website is beautiful as well. Everything is clear and easy to look at; I should probably take a leaf out of her book! There are multiple headings and pictures, so it is easy to navigate, it is a good design.

Overall, I would really recommend giving this look a check out because I think it is gorgeous and inspiring.

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