Funding My Trips – Raising n’ Saving Money

My travelling hobby is not cheap and I’ve had to work my butt off in order to be able to afford it.

Finding the Funds!

When raising money, I did every little job that was offered to me: babysitting, dog walking, pet sitting, photography. I worked 2 different jobs and did college at the same time. It was exhausting, and I could have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had the guts to do my own fundraiser.

So if you do have the guts to do a fundraiser, then I would suggest trying:

  • Bake sale (good classic, has never failed me)
  • Host a ball – sounds a little bonkers but think about how fun it would be. Charge for entry and have a raffle going, as well as a donation bucket and numerous other things!
  • Do something you’re scared to do; abseil, sky dive, hold a snake – use your fears to raise money by trying to overcome them.
  • Organise a show. A puppet show? A horse riding show? A film screening?
  • Car wash! Another classic
  • Be creative. Can you make cards? Pieces of art work? Sell these at a Christmas market!
  • Coffee morning – who doesn’t want a fresh tea or coffee made for them before work?
  • Host a competition!

There are loads of websites that have hundreds of fundraising ideas (such as but I feel as if these ones will earn you the most money!

What else can I do though?

Keep the birthday money because you really don’t need those shoes or books! Who doesn’t like free money?! Also, for your birthday and such, ask for things off your wish list. No matter how boring and mundane it may seem, it saves a lot of stress in the future.

Getting a job is the best way of raising money. I highly recommend this, as then it reduces stress as you’re able to plan ahead and you may be able to do something you enjoy! It helps to build up your CV, and provides you with future references.

However, if you are anything like me then your paycheck won’t last long. So then it all becomes about saving!

How To Save Your Money

I ended up giving my parents my savings because I didn’t trust myself with them. Whenever I wanted something, I would slip some money out, thinking it wouldn’t make a difference – trust me, it does!

If you don’t want to give it to someone to look after, then open up a Monzo account, which basically make it difficult to access your money so you give up on the way to buying that chocolate bar. (

Make sure you know what you need to buy for your trip and when you need to buy it, so you can plan for it. To be honest, I mainly do this so it isn’t such a shock when the money leaves my account! You can also ask for this as a present for Christmas to help with the costs.

You really don’t need that Ben and Jerries! As tempting as it may be, try and limit the amount of small spends that you do. It may seem like a couple of pounds, or one sandwich or notebook, but if you do 10 of them, then you’ve lost out of £50 without realising!

Give yourself enough of a spending budget. This may seem like it is defeating the point, but knowing I’ve got enough money to last me until my next paycheck is a relief, and you don’t need to spend it. And you are less likely to dig into your savings if you have enough money in the first place.

Put a portion of your money into savings each month. For me, 75% of my monthly earnings went into my savings (this was after my phone bill and those boring things).

Saving up for travelling, and most things, it about self-restraint so you need to try your best! Being motivated is the best tip for saving.

16 thoughts on “Funding My Trips – Raising n’ Saving Money

  1. Great tips! This can be a little harder once you move away from home and have to cover more of the boring bills…still, now you have the hang of it, I bet you’ll still be able to keep saving/travelling. 🙂

  2. These are some cool ideas. I think you are spot-on when you mention giving up small purchases. Starbucks (and other coffee places) has always been my downfall, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fully cut it out. However, I’ve basically stopped buying clothes unless I actually need them and tried to cut out some other things. Working extra jobs is another good idea. I’m teaching abroad right now, but when I go back to the US this summer, I do intend to pick up a few side jobs to save up for a longer term international getaway in 2021 or 2022.

  3. I love budgeting and calculating how to save money for future trips! Saving for travel is always possible if it’s a priority!

  4. I have had a couple of uber/lyft drivers who told me they drove uber/lyft after their day job was over and also on the weekends to make money to afford travel or buy certain things they desired.

  5. Keep saving for the things you are really passionate about. I always believe we find money for things we value in life.

  6. I did jobs that gave me huge sums of money and I saved a lot. Now that I am retired I travel well. I think that’s the best formula. Oh…I also retired early…at 54.

  7. Defintely can relate to this post! Saving money for something not immediate is harder than you think. I put money away each month now and don’t touch it under any circumstance.

  8. When I was at school we did quite a few of the fundraisers that you mentioned to help fund our school trips. One of my favorites was a movie night because we could rent the cinema and sell tickets at the same price they did but keep the profit towards our trip fund.

  9. I love the idea of having a little fundraiser for travel! I used to be the same before I moved to Europe! I would do all sorts of odd jobs to save up!

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