Surviving a Long Haul Flight

For someone who cannot sleep on planes, long haul flights can be a drag. For those who can sleep on planes, I envy you!

I always make the mistake of bringing way too many things on the plane with me, making my bag unbearably heavy and spending ages to find the thing I want to find that it is right at the bottom of my rucksack.

So what are the essentials for a long haul flight?

  • Headphones
  • Music (although it is provided, your own is always better)
  • Kindle (if you’re into reading! Although I love a physical book, it is way too heavy to keep one in your bag)
  • Entertainment (puzzle books? iPad?)
  • Toothbrush (for your own sanity, and for the others around you)
  • Eyemask
  • Travel pillow
  • Painkillers (you never know when a headache may appear)

How do you survive?

  • Book with the right company! Some companies are definitely better then others, so ensure you do your research.
  • Reserve the best seat. Although the window seat is appealing for flying over numerous countries, you will need to pee at some point! Waking people up for a toilet break is always embarrassing so try and get an aisle seat!
  • Don’t pack too much in your hand luggage
  • Try not to use a rucksack! I made this mistake and everything was so hard to find. Get a bag with compartments!
  • Bring your own food – airport food is always expensive. However, main meals are provided as part of the flight.
  • Drink lots! (Relates directly to sitting in the aisle seat!)
  • Go for a walk. Make sure you get the blood moving!
  • Know where your luggage is! One problem I encountered was moving from an international to domestic flight, and I almost lost my luggage in Johannesburg. At check in, request for it to be transported from the start, all the way to the end.
  • As obvious as it sounds, wear comfy clothes!

Let me know if you have anything else that could help survive a long haul flight!

5 thoughts on “Surviving a Long Haul Flight

  1. I am very lucky that I can easily sleep through long haul flights so I do not usually have to give much thought to carrying stuff with me. I do, however, like to have a book and my own music with me, just in case. I agree about booking the right flight, those with on-board entertainment are the best for long haul but I usually book budget to save money so I just treat myself to a glass of wine and then sleep! Works for me, haha

  2. I tend to use the local airline Emirates and they provide a lot of the items mentioned, including inflight drinks and snacks, headphones and even small blankets. I used to be able to sleep on flights but as I get older I don’t even try and end up watching movies and episodes of my favorite tv series (part of the inflight entertainment). I always carry a small cosmetic bag with any necessities like lip balm, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine pills that I can put in the seat pocket in front of me.

    1. Yes I’ve used Emirates a lot before but the inflight snacks are very expensive, and the headphones are very bad which is why I recommend to bring your own. Also, the inflight entertainment is good but feel like you need to stimulate your brain a little (via reading or crosswords etc) since it’s a long time in the air. The cosmetic bag is a very good idea though so thank you!

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