My Travel Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list, they give you something to plan and do and it feels amazing once you tick it off! So to give you some inspiration on what to put on your bucket list, I have listed mine down below. I have tried not to make it too much about animals, but I have chucked a few in there!

  • Skydiving – if I have the guts!
  • Swim with dolphins/sharks/sea lions – I am planning on doing this on my trip to Australasia which is next year!
  • Walk on the Great Wall of China – obviously, in China!
  • Visit Harry Potter studios – London, I mean who doesn’t love Harry Potter?
  • Put ‘Love Lock’ on bridge in Paris – I would probably do this with my best friend!
  • Zipline through jungle – Again, I can do this on my Australasia trip
  • Go scuba diving – because who doesn’t want to go deep into the dark ocean
  • Go rock climbing – I mean proper rock climbing, not indoors!
  • Ride along the beach – I’ve been riding for years and yet I have never done this!
  • Go bungee jumping – once again, I need the guts!
  • Learn to surf – because then I would be a ‘cool dude’
  • Bathe an elephant – I have to be really careful where I would do this as I wouldn’t want to be contributing to the petting industry
  • Hold a monkey – same as the elephant, I would need to be careful with who I go with
  • Hold a snake – this may seem a little strange but I have a big phobia of snakes so completing this one means I am making progress

I have actually been very lucky in the sense that during one of my work experiences with college, I was able to complete some things that would have been on this list like feed a cheetah, or pet a giraffe and rhino.

Please let me know if there’s anything you think I should add to my list!

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